Partner Marketing: Global Concierge & Partner Marketing Platform Services

A Case Study in Enablement in PMM & PRM

The Client

  • Top-rated call centre technology vendor.
  • Provides call centre tech to medium and large businesses across several different industries.
  • Their on-premises and cloud-based solutions are used to improve customer experience.

The Challenge

  • Not enough in-house resources to work closely with all the partners.
  • The client wanted to generate more leads from its channel and expand its partner network.

The Solution

The Results

  • 80+ engaged partners
  • 650+ campaigns across the NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions.
  • 8 different languages.
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  • While the client had strong ties to partners and an existing partner marketing strategy, many partners did not have the digital capabilities to leverage the partnerships.
  • Smaller partners preferred ready-made content and campaigns to be supplied by the vendor.
  • Partners also required assistance with overall partner program development, administration, maintenance, and execution of campaigns.

Why Partner Marketing?

High performers allocate 17% of their total marketing budget to channel marketing. (SiriusDecisions, 2019)
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62% of high performers have some form of ongoing partner enablement in place for multiple partner personas. (SiriusDecisions, 2019)
Circle graphics with the number 62%
60% of market development funds (MDF) are not used on a quarterly basis. (Zinfi, Worldwide channel survey)
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Channel Marketing Tech

The client leveraged Macro’s technical and project management expertise to migrate its digital marketing tools to a modern Unified Channel Management (UCM) platform.

Digital Campaign Services

For the client’s channel partners, Macro created ready-to-use content and campaigns localized for global partners.

That way, partners could present themselves as experts in the customer experience industry.

Global Concierge Team

Macro's global concierge team adjusted the channel technology and available campaigns for specific regional needs of selected partners.

This service was very well received by partners and generated net new business for the client.

Macro Helped With:

  • Integrating Salesforce CRM for lead management and attribution reporting in Tableau.
  • Creating ready-to-use content and campaigns for demand generation and lead nurturing purposes.
  • Supporting 8 different languages in 5 business regions.
  • Working closely with the regional channel marketing managers to be the crticial link between the client's marketing, sales team, and its partners.


  • The client’s partner marketing efforts brought the partner marketing team to the revenue table and improved the relationships with the sales organization.
  • This was possible by leveraging Macro’s partner marketing capabilities to manage the tech platform and run over 250 campaigns for over 650 partners across NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC – and in 8 different languages, too!

How We Work

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