B2B Marketing Case Studies

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Global Resources: Global Email Campaign Execution

A Case Study in the Travel Industry

THE STORY: Facing multiple challenges that threatened their email campaigns, the client sought a natural extension of their marketing operations team. Macro fulfilled that role, offering email marketing experts who got rid of bottlenecks and handled the client's tech stack.
Two pages from Macro's case study on Global Email Campaign Execution
How We Become a Natural Extension of Sales & Marketing Teams

Global Resources: Revenue Operations Agency Services

A Case Study in Better Alignment for Sales & Marketing

THE STORY: Macro identified the need for a client in hyper-growth mode to receive global comprehensive support in Marketo campaign management and execution, reporting and dashboard creation, Salesforce admin support, and ongoing managed services.

Strategies & Tactics: Nurture Leads That Are Not Yet Ready To Buy

A Case Study in Lead Nurturing

THE STORY: Macro transformed a Japanese business’s English Language Learning service with a lead nurturing email campaign. Achieved 20% increase in SQLs and 7% rise in won opportunities.
Two pages from Macro's case study on lead nurturing.
Two pages from Macro's case study on Global Concierge & Partner Marketing Platform Services.

Partner Marketing: Global Concierge & Partner Marketing Platform Services

A Case Study in Enablement in PMM & PRM

THE STORY: Macro helped a customer experience tech provider, boosting their partner relationships and generating leads, resulting in 80+ engaged partners and 650+ registrations.

Global Resources: Successfully Outsourcing Marketing Operations

A Case Study in Managed Services

THE STORY: Macro acted as a natural extension for a company providing financial services to healthcare professionals, increasing their campaign execution capacity by 200%, and leading to a 55.31% increase in Lead-to-MQL ratio in one year.
Two pages from Macro's case study on successfully outsourcing marketing operations.