B2B Marketing Case Studies

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Global Resources: Global Email Campaign Execution

A Case Study in the Travel Industry
Two pages from Macro's case study on Global Email Campaign Execution
THE STORY: Facing multiple challenges that threatened their email campaigns, the client sought a natural extension of their marketing operations team. Macro fulfilled that role, offering email marketing experts who got rid of bottlenecks and handled the client's tech stack.

Global Resources: Revenue Operations Agency Services

A Case Study in Better Alignment for Sales & Marketing
How We Become a Natural Extension of Sales & Marketing Teams
THE STORY: Macro identified the need for a client in hyper-growth mode to receive global comprehensive support in Marketo campaign management and execution, reporting and dashboard creation, Salesforce admin support, and ongoing managed services.

Strategies & Tactics: Nurture Leads That Are Not Yet Ready To Buy

A Case Study in Lead Nurturing
Two pages from Macro's case study on lead nurturing.
THE STORY: Macro transformed a Japanese business’s English Language Learning service with a lead nurturing email campaign. Achieved 20% increase in SQLs and 7% rise in won opportunities.

Partner Marketing: Global Concierge & Partner Marketing Platform Services

A Case Study in Enablement in PMM & PRM
Two pages from Macro's case study on Global Concierge & Partner Marketing Platform Services.
THE STORY: Macro helped a customer experience tech provider, boosting their partner relationships and generating leads, resulting in 80+ engaged partners and 650+ registrations.

Global Resources: Successfully Outsourcing Marketing Operations

A Case Study in Managed Services
Two pages from Macro's case study on successfully outsourcing marketing operations.
THE STORY: Macro acted as a natural extension for a company providing financial services to healthcare professionals, increasing their campaign execution capacity by 200%, and leading to a 55.31% increase in Lead-to-MQL ratio in one year.