Partner Relationship Management Portals

Macro’s team of PRM/TCMA experts can help you set up integrated partner marketing automation. It’s time to generate more leads!
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Three Ways We’ll Revitalize Your Partner Relationship Marketing

Optimize Your Partner Marketing Platform

Macro specializes in end-to-end implementation of a Partner Marketing Platform. Our team of experts is well-versed in industry-leading platforms, ensuring a seamless setup process.

Our expertise encompasses portal UI/UX design, platform administration, and providing robust technical support throughout the implementation journey.

We excel in crafting a portal experience that is both user-friendly and customized to suit various partner categories, with ongoing support to ensure the platform runs smoothly.

Scale Your Partner Marketing Capabilities

We enhance our clients' ability to develop co-marketing campaigns tailored to partner utilization – ready-to-use email nurture sequences, landing pages, social media content, and co-branded marketing materials – made available to partners through a TCMA platform enabling them to go to market with the vendor.

Additionally, we possess the capability to facilitate platform localization in multiple localization, extending the reach of your partners around the world.

Not to mention, we offer all our clients supplemental capacity and industry best practices to empower them to scale their efforts and achieve heightened success.

Integrate Your PRM System to Salesforce

With Macro, our channel tech expertise means more freedom for you to explore the advantages of optimizing your business through seamless system integrations.

Our team specializes in designing and executing system integrations that boost efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and unlock new opportunities for data-driven decision-making.

So, while we help you build your campaigns for partner use, why not also get our support in system integration? (And implement new features while we're at it!)

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