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Providing Salesforce Sales Operations Consulting

A Natural Extension of Your Team

If you need an extra hand with your Salesforce sales and marketing operations, Macro experts can help! We are your strategic operations partner, supporting you with: Sales Cloud implementation, training, a messy marketing database, lead management and qualification issues, and tracking marketing activities in Salesforce.

When your core CRM runs smoothly, the health of the business improves as well. By tackling the problems above, you can speed up projects, make better data-driven decisions, improve marketing campaign performance tracking, and align your sales and marketing teams.

Salesforce Managed Services and Implementation

Macro is the team that can help you get started with Salesforce and also train your team directly to become experts in their own right. Learn how you can implement the Salesforce Sales Cloud with Macro’s as a strategic partner.

Let Macro be your extra hands and brains as you build out your Salesforce capabilities. Specifically, our team has supported clients with operations and tasks such as: Building reports that your team can use, improving lead management, and cleaning up your sales and marketing data.

We can also help you track your pipeline and marketing stages, manage opportunities and tracking revenue, and improve the handover of leads to your sales.

Certified Salesforce Administrators and Pardot Consultants

Much of the magic of successful Salesforce implementations happens ‘behind the scenes’. Quality Salesforce admins are in high demand, as they hold the knowledge and expertise that can fine-tune and customize a Salesforce instance to your organization’s specific needs. So, while we help you build your campaigns for partner use, why not also get our support in system integration? (And implement new features while we're at it!)

Macro also has Salesforce Certified Pardot consultants ready to help you get the most out of your Salesforce and Pardot investment. We’ll make sure both Pardot and Sales Cloud work hand-in-hand to support your marketing goals.

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Pardot & Salesforce Integration Advance Health-Check

Pardot has a very robust integration into Salesforce. Using both Pardot's marketing automation platform and Salesforce CRM requires expert certified services in both systems. Take a moment and see what you can do to ensure a smooth integration.