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Macro’s award-winning team can support teams like yours, who need extra hands and brains to run marketing operations. Deliver better results from HubSpot with our help.
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Campaign Execution

Campaign Execution

Execute campaigns faster and increase your capacity. Macro’s team of experts can be a natural extension of your marketing operations team. Data is the blood of your revenue performance engine, after all. Keep it clean!

Our CRM experts are ready to help you:
  • Ensure integration of data with HubSpot CRM
  • Improve your sync, reporting, and alignment with sales
  • Simplify your marketing database by cleaning it up and ensuring it stays compliant

Advanced HubSpot Services

We come across many automation projects that need help with the geeky stuff. We’re not afraid to tackle: Custom object integration, JavaScript development, Webhooks, API integrations, and advanced form functionality. Sounds easy? It's actually even easier said than done.

Macro can help you use HubSpot to achieve just this:
  • Bring together multiple data sources
  • Stream the marketing and sales processes together
  • Ensure sales and marketing alignment by following a close loop feedback process between the two teams
Advanced HubSpot Services
More Techniques for HubSpot Lead Nurturing

More Techniques for HubSpot Lead Nurturing

Are your templates responsive and dark mode compatible? Macro can customize email and landing page templates for your HubSpot CRM. Better design results in stronger communication across the board. Our creative capacities include:
  • Mobile-friendly landing pages and email templates
  • Dynamic content and styling webforms
  • Cloneable templates

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