Case study

Managed Services

How We Complement Teams With An Outsourced Demand Center

The client

Provides investment and financial advice to healthcare professionals. Their marketing strategy consists of both virtual and in-person events, such as educational webinars and informational sessions, organized on a monthly basis.

The challenge

No capabilities and bandwith to effectively executive their campaigns.

The solution

Macro successfully introduced a fully outsourced marketing operations managed service that planned, executed, and measured campaign results to support the client's marketing strategy.

The results

Campaign execution capacity increased by 200%, and leading to a 55.31% increase in Lead-to-MQL ratio in one year.
How We Complement Teams With An Outsourced Demand Center


The client's marketing plan was bold, but the client’s internal resources were stretched very thin, making it hard to fully plan, execute and measure all their campaigns. Running even just a webinar, for example, required a registration process and numerous personalized communications both pre- and post-event.

The team lacked the tactical skills needed to run the campaigns, manage the marketing automation platform, and also work on any process improvements. The client came to Macro because of our experience solving these marketing operations bottlenecks.

The Advantages of Managed Services

Scale: Organizations that use agencies can scale their growth faster.
Efficiency: No need to spend the time finding a specific skillset, onboarding, and training new employees.
Focus: Let the experts handle the marketing operations bottlenecks so you can plan your next strategies.


Fast Execution with Marketo Expertise

Macro introduced scalable Marketo program templates, allowing for the production of many more campaigns supporting the digital strategy. With considerably more time and bandwidth, the client was able to focus on management of the marketing business.

Agile Project Management Practices

Macro implemented a kanban system tracking campaigns through different stages: Building, testing and reporting. Staying agile, Macro was able to quickly accommodate change of scope in many projects. Further, Macro trained internal stakeholders on this new process.

Meeting the Standards of Advanced Projects

The client wanted to connect multiple data points from other systems into their Marketo segment audiences. Macro took these challenges head on, discovering additional needs, establishing requirements, and completing the integration testing within an aggressive time frame.

Macro helped with:

  • Quickly and comprehensively evaluated the client’s Marketo platform.
  • Improved the digital campaign assets and the overall operations process.
  • Implemented scalable Marketo program templates
  • Trained internal stakeholders on what to expect for Service Level Agreements (SLA).


With considerable time saved with Macro’s assistance, the client increased their campaign execution capacity by 200%. This led to a 106% increase in clients reached and much more engagement. All these initiatives added up, leading to a 55.31% increase in Lead-to-MQL ratio over only one year.

How We Work

Managed Services

Use an extra hand or brain. Depending on your needs, our specialists dedicate their time on an ongoing basis to support your marketing objectives and campaigns.

Agile Project Sprints

Achieve your objectives on time with the right expertise. Depending on the project scope and timeline our specialists can support you to speed up initiatives
Marketing specialists dedicated to supporting your objectives and campaigns