April 3, 2024

Adobe Summit 2024: Takeaways for Marketo Marketing Operations Teams

At Adobe Summit 2024, we saw some exciting new innovations announced with Marketo Engage. Among the new features, which should your marketing operations team be aware of?
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Last week at Adobe Summit 2024, Macro saw some exciting innovations coming down the pipe for Adobe Marketo Engage customers. Among the many new features, which should your Marketo marketing operations team focus on?

Let’s dive into what we consider to be the standout Marketo highlights of the Summit!

The quick takeaways

With these latest changes coming to Marketo, here are the three takeaways that marketing operations teams should know:

With Marketo, the B2B Journey Is More Tangible Than Ever: We see a clear focus on B2B Revenue Marketing supported by Marketo. This journey looks like:

Identify Accounts →  Identify Buying Groups  →  Orchestrate Journey  →  Convert Buying Groups  →  Drive Adoption, Up/Cross Sell & Retention

More Support for Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Simply put, we’re getting more functionality to support ABM. This is especially relevant around accounts groups and buying personas!

Intuitive Tools That Wield The Full Extent of Your Creativity. Empowering the users to be self-sufficient with Email Editors. It’s time to use the power of AI to help develop and refine your content! 

New Email Designer & AEM Assets Connector

This was long due, but coming to your Marketo platform is a much friendlier interface to design your emails. With improved UX, you can easily pick assets from Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets or generate via Adobe Firefly.

This can give your marketing operations team greater control for email personalization, meaning more opportunities to nurture leads and make those conversions possible.

Why is this important?

  • Easy-to-use interface for the practitioner
  • No need to have third party tools for email creation
  • Leverage new AI tools for a more intuitive content creation experience

On-Demand Interactive Webinars

Another good example of something that is not necessarily novel, but definitely welcome to see, is the on-demand interactive webinars. Demand for on-demand is certainly not waning, so such a feature is one more thing that shows Marketo’s usefulness.

We especially appreciate the enhanced functionality that targets leads that missed the webinar, but could convert if they watch the on-demand recording. It’s a great way to follow up on those missed opportunities!

Why is this important?

  • A clearer understanding of key metrics such as First Visit, Average Duration, and Drop-off Points
  • Action via smart lists that allow for follow-up opportunities for nurturing and personalization

Meeting Scheduler in Landing Pages

Now you can finally book meetings from Marketo Engage Forms that are embedded on your website’s landing page. This employs the Conversational Flow module, which also allows the tracking of embedded PDFS, the collection of information from leads, and more.

This is promised to come out to all customers April 2024. Needless to say, we are super excited to finally see this feature in Marketo!

Why is this important? 

  • Better conversion rates
  • Less third party scheduling tools 
  • Collect more data

Account-Based Engagement

Build better audiences and target lists of Accounts. You can now take the data and use it in your other favorite ABM tools.

Why is this important?

  • Better audiences of accounts for targeted ABM
  • Ability to enrich missing data for a better view
  • Activate accounts to LinkedIn, DemandBase and others for overall orchestration

Additional mentions

There’s a few other features we noted and appreciated:

  • The ability to identify and stop more bot traffic
  • Manage better user permissions
  • Improvements to Journeys
  • Improved real-time CDP connection

Level up your game in Marketo with Macro expert services 

Certainly, this a lot of ground to cover for your marketing operations team. So what’s the best way to handle it? Rest assured – we’ll take care of it for you!

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What is on your marketing operations roadmap?

At Macro, we work with global marketing operations leaders to help them better leverage Marketo and scale their operations.

We will be reviewing these updates with our clients to make sure they can take advantage of everything relevant to their business.

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