May 18, 2023

Advantages of Working with a Marketing Operations Agency

Our team of experts efficiently handles marketing operations for large enterprise clients on a global scale. Campaigns are executed in a disciplined, organized and detail-oriented way to achieve the best results.
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Experience, Expertise and Efficiency

Our team of experts efficiently handles marketing operations for large enterprise clients on a global scale. Campaigns are executed in a disciplined, organized and detail-oriented way to achieve the best results. Here is how we can help:

Expand Your Marketing Operations Capacity

Don’t struggle with too much on your plate. A Marketing Operations (Ops) agency can handle all that extra tactical and execution work, allowing you to focus on the big picture, while we handle the details. Often, large-scale marketing campaigns or conducting multiple marketing campaigns at the same time leads to a time crunch. Not only does that generate additional stress, but it can also create the possibility of errors if your marketing specialists attempt to use marketing automation tools they might not be familiar with.  

Focus on what you do best. In a worst-case scenario, you’re forced to choose between campaigns and strategies that might have the same importance and priority. Obviously, leaving critical steps undone simply because the marketing team lacks the time to handle all the workings of your marketing automation platform and CRM is not a good place to find yourself. A MOps agency can guide you, and ensures that all the extra work is completed.

Augment your team with technical skills. You’re also able to benefit from additional skills available to your marketing department. Whether your department is currently understaffed with marketing automation experts, or the actual need for technical skills has not yet been realized, a MOps agency provides ongoing (and scalable) access to experts. These missing tactical skills can make the difference between success and failure for your campaigns.

Execute campaigns faster. Finally, by working with a MOps agency, you’re also able to ensure fast, precise execution through a focus on process. Whether due to a time crunch as multiple campaigns progress, or due to a lack of professional training or even just not enough available staff in the department, it is essential that the right processes and practices are brought to bear to grow your success.

Cover Your Operations During Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is an unfortunate reality for all businesses, and your marketing department is not an exception to this rule. However, it’s all too easy to get lost in the numbers game. You’re tracking the percentage of employees lost to churn, but you should actually be focused on the “who” in this equation, rather than “how many”. While losing any experienced digital specialist staff from your team will be a blow to productivity and overall campaign success, the loss of essential marketing automation managers, leaders and other experienced personnel can be a death knell.

For instance, when your marketing operations manager leaves your team, it could result in having to hit the pause button on your marketing campaign execution until you replace the lost individual. That’s time that you’ll be hard-pressed to make up. After all, every minute that you’re not executing marketing campaigns is one more minute your competitors have to gain ground and overtake you. This is particularly true if your marketing automation manager jumps ship. Working with a MOps agency ensures that you don’t have to stop your marketing while a replacement is found.

Another benefit here is that MOps agency interim services ensure an effective transition of knowledge and continuation of campaign execution. All too often, key marketing technologists and marketing operations managers leave with little to no notice. There is always a better job out there for people with solid technical skills. How are you supposed to onboard a replacement and ensure that he or she has the particular knowledge of your marketing automation platform necessary to keep your campaign initiatives running smoothly, without delays or breakdowns?  

Once a new automation manager is brought on board, you have to bring him or her up to speed – MOps agencies can do that quickly and effectively while still ensuring maximum campaign execution speed, agility and success.

Evolve Your Marketing Automation Machine

“Automate” has become the de facto rule (and a buzzword) in many marketing departments, and for good reason. Marketing automation systems come with a lot of bells and whistles that can add value and enable your organization. However, the problem is that few people use these systems to their full potential, meaning that you’re ultimately paying for features that you do not use. Your investment’s value is reduced simply because you lack knowledgeable experts to put those tools to work. Working with a MOps agency allows you to evolve your marketing automation machine and actually make use of those under-utilized features to deliver greater value and effectiveness.  

You will also benefit from the ability of a MOps agency to help you leverage the most value from related marketing technologies and customer relationship management systems. While marketing automation and CRM systems have been around for quite a few years at this point, they remain both poorly understood and under-utilized. You will easily be able to outsmart your competitors.   It’s important to remember that automation software is just that – software. It can only provide so much value without the right people at the helm. MOps experts provide you with the ability to generate significant new revenue through an in-depth understanding of and ability to use your marketing automation machine.  

Finally, working with a MOps agency helps you become a modern marketer and advance on the marketing maturity model. As your marketing efforts and techniques mature, you’ll be better able to identify key strengths and weaknesses, not only in your own marketing efforts, but in emerging technology and techniques. You’ll also be able to start conversations with executives and decision makers about expanding the influence and bottom line impact of marketing within your organization.

In Conclusion

Working with marketing operations (MOps) Agency Experts ensures the right combination of brains and procedures to deliver growth and profitability. It’s about ensuring a successful, thriving business today, with the skills, knowledge and capabilities to handle challenges and foster growth in the future.

Why Macro?

Macro is a natural extension of your B2B global marketing team. As an agency with team members and resources located around the world, we know exactly what your challenges are and how to tackle them.

Global marketing teams that work with us see the following benefits

✅ Agile resources to operationalize GTM strategy

✅ Faster execution of projects with flexibility

✅ More value from your marketing tech investments

✅ Better engagement and more qualified leads 

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