November 27, 2023

How Vendors Can Enable Partners To Grow the Business With ZiftONE?

Often your internal team doesn't have time to dedicate to the needs of each partner. The Macro global team of ZiftONE experts is here to offer some suggestions on what to do!

Ensure your partners are growing. Your business requires global resources specialized in ZiftONE Partner Relationship Management (PRM). Often your internal team doesn't have time to dedicate to the needs of each partner, but the Macro global team can help. Here is what you can do:

What a Global Team of ZiftONE Experts Recommends

Enable Your Partners to Be Self-Sufficient

Many companies we work with are growing through a network of partners. The partners often have marketing teams dedicated to the relationship. The partners are eager to find the latest content and campaigns available from the vendor. They want to align their message to the vendor, however they need to navigate the portal and understand how to launch multi-channel campaigns. Partners want to be self sufficient and trust the Macro team can provide this training.

Onboard Partners The Right Way

Partners who want to launch campaigns aligned with the vendor, need to be start using the ZiftONE platform. Fast adoption and a quick time-to-value requires a good onboarding. The Macro team helps ensure the partners are getting familiar quickly with the tool, answers any follow-up questions and prepares campaigns ready for use.

Deal Registration Help

Most importantly, you want to ensure the leads generated by partners are reaching the correct sales team for follow up. The Macro team can help with both the technical configuration and lead management process to make sure no lead is left behind.

Prepare Content for Campaigns

Ensure your partners have access to the latest content, which should follow your strategic message focused on the right products and services. Macro team can help you create content in white paper, blog, video, report or case study format when needed. If you have the content ready, the Macro team can help your partners select the best content before launching the campaigns.

Run Campaigns for Partners

Some partners do not have enough marketing resources dedicated to the relationships. In this case the vendors offer “do-it for me campaign services”. The Macro team is a partner who works closely with your partners to plan, execute and measure joint campaigns. If your partners require content, design or data services, the partners can easily access that with Macro as a one-stop-shop.

What is the Macro Advantage?

Macro has global resources who speak multiple languages and can help your partners grow your business. If you need your partners to be self-sufficient or you want to run joint marketing campaigns, then the Macro team can help.

  • Multiple languages
  • Local resources
  • Global presence
  • ZiftONE tech expertise
  • Strategy + Operations capabilities

Macro & Zift Strategic Alliance

Zift selected Macro as a strategic alliance partner in 2021. Macro is a global team of channel marketing specialists. Companies we work with have extensive networks of partners drawing multi-million-dollar deals. They need a trusted digital marketing partner with extensive capabilities in campaign planning, content, design and marketing tech expertise.

Why Macro?

So, are you looking for the next step up in your global operations and marketing? Consider the benefits and services offered by Macro as your global B2B digital marketing partner!

We ourselves are an organisation with team members and resources from around the world; as such, we know exactly what the challenges of global marketing teams are and how to tackle them.

Macro's team of global experts in digital marketing, MarTech, and CRM can help your organisation accelerate its growth and scale their operations using a variety of platforms such as ZINFI, Zift, Marketo, HubSpot, Partdot and Salesforce.

Through Macro, you can…

  • Grow: Increase your revenue and scale your supporting digital operations.
  • Align: Streamline the processes between your different teams and break down silos.
  • Improve your CX: Empower your customers’ experiences through the potential of the latest digital tech.
  • Optimise for Cost: Use global resources to operate with max efficiency.

Accelerate your global growth with Macro

Let Macro be your digital partner in global operations, but you don’t need to take just our word for it — check out the case studies of clients who have benefitted from our services. And make sure to try out a free consultation with us at any time (after all, we’re stationed around the world!).