November 27, 2023

You’re Never Safe When You’re At The Top!

Learn a little more about how we see ourselves at Macro. We stay true to our competitive advantage and the value we bring to our customers.

I’m reminded of this as I follow the recent news with Twitter and its dose of new challengers. Since its launch over a decade ago, the premier social app for posting quick thoughts has seen a healthy share of competitors over the years. Yet, none seemed particularly viable until quite recently. It seemed unthinkable even a year ago, but now there are legit competitors threatening to knock the “bird app” off its perch—upstarts such as Mastodon, Bluesky, and now Threads as well!

And see, that’s the key thing about being in the top spot…it’s easy to remain complacent. When you’re number one, the top search result on Google, it’s more tempting to rest on your laurels and let your reputation precede you.

But, when you’re *not* number one, you can’t simply do that. You need to do *more* than what the number one is doing to prove your worth.

That’s why, when it comes to your global marketing needs, I strongly suggest you check out Macro. Sure, we are not the number one B2B marketing agency—but we know:

Who we are:

A global team of experts in B2B digital marketing, MarTech, and CRM.

What we do:

Provide tailored, marketing strategies, tactics and resources for global marketing teams looking to scale up and accelerate their growth.

And further, we have something to prove.

Why go with Macro?

Partner with us, and see:

✅ How we will work harder for you than the top dogs
✅ Go down a little further on Google Search, and find out why we’ve been rising in the ranks.
✅ Find out what our clients have been experiencing—they know they are not being treated like another number to boast in a year-end report, but instead a vendor-client partnership that is valued, delivers results, and is continually growing.

But don’t just take my word for it! Check us out today at Macro, and see for yourself! At, read what our clients have been saying now that they have tried Macro and have improved their lead nurturing, partner marketing, and demand gen.

Because, ultimately, when it comes to getting the best attention and service from an agency partner, you won’t get it from those at the top (would they care if they had your business or not?). The upstart, determined to show you all they can do, is ready to help you.

Why Macro?

So, are you looking for the next step up in your global operations and marketing? Consider the benefits and services offered by Macro as your global B2B digital marketing partner!

We ourselves are an organisation with team members and resources from around the world; as such, we know exactly what the challenges of global marketing teams are and how to tackle them.

Macro's team of global experts in digital marketing, MarTech, and CRM can help your organisation accelerate its growth and scale their operations using a variety of platforms such as ZINFI, Zift, Marketo, HubSpot, Partdot and Salesforce.

Through Macro, you can…

  • Grow: Increase your revenue and scale your supporting digital operations.
  • Align: Streamline the processes between your different teams and break down silos.
  • Improve your CX: Empower your customers’ experiences through the potential of the latest digital tech.
  • Optimise for Cost: Use global resources to operate with max efficiency.

Accelerate your global growth with Macro

Let Macro be your digital partner in global operations, but you don’t need to take just our word for it — check out the case studies of clients who have benefitted from our services. And make sure to try out a free consultation with us at any time (after all, we’re stationed around the world!).