B2B Marketing
Strategies & Tactics

The latest, data-driven trends and thoughts that can take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level.

Take your B2B marketing to the next level

Better B2B Marketing

Supercharge your B2B marketing strategies to target, nurture, and convert more leads.

Account-Based Marketing

Prepare your ABM foundation and select the right platforms. Macro will help you test ABM strategies and implement tactics that work for you. Let's run a pilot project together.

Go-To-Market Acceleration

Accelerate your Go-To-Market with Macro's help. Work with our team of experts to implement marketing projects faster. We've got your back every step of the way.
Modern content and design can make all the difference. Our experts can transform your digital experience with flair and fun!
B2B Marketing Strategies & Tactics
The latest, data-driven trends and thoughts that can take your B2B marketing strategy to the next level.

Outcomes You Can Expect

Better GTM Performance

  • Evaluate marketing channels & tactics
  • Focus only on activities that yield results
  • Better data-driven decisions to measure & adjust

Alignment Among Your Teams

  • We work as an extension of your marketing teams
  • Streamline your marketing efforts for growth
  • Capabilities that accelerate various initiatives

Improved Pipeline

  • More top-of-the-funnel leads
  • Increased deal velocity
  • Better closed-won ratio of deals

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We’ll listen to your needs – and we’ll share how we can help!

What Our Clients Say

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“Macro has been a great partner in filling in the operational and technical gaps of our marketing team as well as a great sounding board on new initiatives where we’ve needed a fresh set of eyes and ears. They’ve been a solid partner throughout."

— Senior Manager, Demand Generation @ Swift Medical

Flexibility is the Macro Approach

We tailor ourselves to what you need at the moment. Have a lot of things at your plate and need
to alleviate the workload on a long-term, ongoing basis? Try our Managed Services! Need to fill some temporary capacity gaps? We’ll offer resources to you on a per project basis to help speed up project completion.

See How Our Expertise Can Help

Case Study: Nurture Leads That Are Not Yet Ready To Buy

Macro transformed a Japanese business’s English Language Learning service with a lead nurturing email campaign, helping them achieve 20% increase in SQLs and 7% rise in won opportunities.
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Who Else Is Getting Our Support & Expertise?

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We Know The Latest and Best Practices

The latest industry news, technologies, and resources.

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B2B marketing teams struggle with not having the resources or the tech experience necessary. Let a global B2B marketing agency take care of those challenges!
A small change in mindset can make a BIG change in your ABM success

Blog: Account-Based Everything (ABE) Strategies & Tactics: A Conversation with DemandBase

The key to unlocking ABM success is not to rely on a tool, but a change in mindset for your revenue operations strategy. Think “Account-Based Everything!”