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Macro’s team of ZINFI experts can help you run joint marketing campaigns, manage MDF, and generate more leads from your partner marketing activities. Using the platform is so much more easier with the Macro team supporting you.
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Enable Your Partners in ZINFI

Along with training your partners, Macro stands ready to help your partners gain the technical and strategic expertise to navigate and utilize the partner marketing automation platform to its full potential.

Our skilled team will:
  • Act as your extended channel marketing manager
  • Help get your partners up-to-date with your digital marketing content
  • Plan and execute partner marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Services and Custom ABM Campaigns

Our team will be there to guide and assist your partners in everything from how to launch a B2B marketing campaign to how to submit a business plan.

And no matter your relationship with ABM, from total beginner to established practitioner, we’re happy to assist in improving your ABM operations:
  • Train your channel partners how to execute B2B marketing campaigns
  • Work on joint business plans
  • Administer deal registration—and me!

MDF Management

We know that it can be challenging for partners to submit applications for Market Development Funds. Macro can help you automate this process and make it easier for partners to apply and follow through.

Our team will be there to manage the MDF life cycle by your side, and help your partners ensure the financial support they need to implement eligible marketing activities. We'll help you with:
  • Managing your partners' MDF requests
  • Configuring claim submissions and multi-level approval processes
  • Setting up automated system alerts

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Case Study: How We Improve A Pipeline With Channel Partners

Macro helped a customer experience tech provider, boosting their partner relationships and generating leads, resulting in 80+ engaged partners and 650+ registrations.

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