Global Resources

Nearshore marketing operations that execute your tactics & campaigns

Global Marketing Operations

Global capabilities to support your marketing operations. Expand your team capacity with our dedicated resources and tailored services.

Marketing Operations Support

Have our MarTech and operations experts embedded directly into your team – and see a boost in your capacity to effectively service all marketing stakeholders.

Webinar Services End-to-End

Create magical virtual experiences with our expert webinar production services and tailored support. We can handle large webinar programs end-to-end.

Localization & Translations

Our team members are placed in-region. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here; we speak multiple languages and understand what makes your local market tick!
Global Resources
Our nearshore marketing operations can help you execute marketing campaigns and more, anytime.

Outcomes You Can Expect

Streamline Your Operations

  • Alleviate bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your marketing workflows
  • Better marketing project management
  • Faster campaign execution

Less Friction

  • Happier stakeholders for marketing operations
  • Glean better insights from your MarTech and CRM tools to make true data-driven decisions.
  • Make the most of your virtual events and measure their full impact

Local Marketing Resources

  • Local resources in-region working with your teams
  • Multiple-languages
  • Translations

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What Our Clients Say

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“They push to build lasting relationships with partners and help them in many ways to grow as a company even if it means doing things outside of their goals. They provide quality marketing consulting and I enjoy working with them because of the sincere effort they put in.”

— Senior Channel Marketing Manager at Atlassian

Make Us an Extension of Your Team

Macro helps elevate your content experiences and improve your resources. We can review, recommend and create content that speaks to your different buying personas and for every level of the buying process.

See How Our Expertise Can Help

Case Study: How Lead Nurturing Improves Your Pipeline

Macro transformed a Japanese business’s English Language Learning service with a lead nurturing email campaign. We achieved 20% increase in SQLs and 7% rise in won opportunities.
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Marketing Automation & CRM Expertise

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Our Expertise Can Transform Your Resources

The latest industry news, technologies, and resources.
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With companies looking to make changes to the way they do business in the “new normal,” webinars have taken on a new importance when it comes to audience outreach.

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