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Simplify and optimize your digital marketing tools. We'll help you.

MarTech Expertise You Need

With expertise in MarTech tools such as Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, ZINFI, ZiftONE, and more, Macro helps global B2B marketing teams drive forward with their marketing technology stack.

Marketing Automation

Optimize your marketing automation platform to enable your business needs. Macro's team of experts in various platforms can help you supercharge your systems and execute campaigns.

Salesforce CRM

Revenue Operations teams perform best when they have the right Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM expertise to work closely with marketing teams. Macro's team of experts will help you enable your revenue operations with our technical expertise

System Integrations

Bring multiple datapoints together to make the right data-driven decisions. Integrate the right tools into your marketing technology stack with our advance developer expertise.
MarTech Tools & Solutions
It’s time to simplify and optimize your digital marketing tools. We'll help you.

Outcomes You Can Expect

Revenue Operations

  • Sales and marketing automation could be the secret ingredient for better end-to-end lead management.
  • Streamline your marketing & sales processes.
  • Better help in Salesforce CRM for your marketing team.

Avoid Technical Debt

  • Eliminate redundant functionality and irrelevant vendor subscriptions.
  • You’ll see your costs go down, not to mention maximized productivity!
  • Understand the ins-and-outs of your tech stack to improve revenue projections and measure performance.

Data-Driven Decisions

  • An optimized MarTech stack can access valuable customer data and insights.
  • With our expertise, feel confident in making decisions regarding product development, marketing strategies, and customer service improvements.
  • Find cross-selling and upselling opportunities by analyzing your closed-won opportunities in CRM.

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What Our Clients Say

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“Macro was very collaborative and great at suggesting updates and making sure we avoided common mistakes. They had a straightforward process for moving through the transition and kept us informed of any challenges that came up along the way. Any data restructure and migration is a lot of work from both sides; it was helpful to have Macro to keep us on track."

— Community Director at Forum Ventures

Find the Right Solutions for Your Needs

There are many, many MarTech options out there! While we’re tech geeks at heart here at Macro, we also know how to make digital executions easier and more understandable. Let us demystify and simplify the choices for you, so you only use tools that you really need!

See How Our Expertise Can Help

Case Study: Successfully Outsourcing Marketing Operations

No capabilities and bandwidth to effectively executive your campaigns? You need Macro's managed services, helping your B2B with faster execution, agile project management practices, and MarTech expertise.
Two pages from Macro's case study on Revenue Operations Support.

Marketing Automation & CRM Expertise

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The latest industry news, technologies, and resources.
Marketo and Google Cloud Integration
One of our clients here at Macro is a major utility company in the United States.

Marketo and Google Cloud Integration

One of our clients here at Macro is a major utility company in the United States. This is their story, challenges and the middleware solution Macro provided for them bringing together different data-points to send order confirmation emails.When creating an online presence, so many businesses simply throw their content up on a website or social media page and call it a day. After all, it’s digital – it can be changed.How do you create compelling presentations that wow your colleagues and impress your managers?

Blog: Advantages of Working with a Marketing Operations Agency

Our team of experts efficiently handles marketing operations for large enterprise clients on a global scale. Campaigns are executed in a disciplined, organized and detail-oriented way to achieve the best results.