April 25, 2024

Futureproof Your Marketing Career: 9 Skills You Absolutely Need

The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly. Today's marketers need a strong foundation in technology and data analysis, while marketing leaders are often overseeing both sales and marketing funnel operations.
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Marketing Technology

New technologies and trends are emerging all the time in all industries and marketing is no exception. However, fundamentals such as understanding your audience, analyzing consumer behavior, and responding accordingly will always remain the bedrock of successful marketing strategies.

Dan Radu, founder and President of Macro, discussed the evolution and the future of this sector in The Future of Marketing Profession episode of Benjamin Shapiro’s MarTech Podcast.

From conceptualizing marketing as an extension of sales , to addressing the myth that AI could automate a person's role, here are the nine key competencies that the marketing professional of the future will display:

Marketing Tech Skills

Even 10 years ago, marketing automation felt like a novelty. Today technical skills are more important than ever. Knowing the difference between contacts and accounts, for instance, is crucial for anyone entering the digital marketing field these days.

Renewed Revenue Focus

Marketing is no longer a siloed function. Companies have been embracing a revenue generation approach for quite a few years, with marketing leaders often overseeing both sales and marketing for a more streamlined funnel.

Privacy vs. Personalization

The abundance of data highlights the importance of privacy, especially in North America and Europe. However, navigating privacy regulations can make tracking customer touchpoints and proving campaign ROI challenging.

The Customer Remains #1

Understanding customer needs remains the cornerstone of marketing success. We should always keep our eyes on the ball and prioritize creating a positive customer experience, just as all classic marketing textbooks evangelized. After all, happy customers will always be your best marketers.

Building the Brand

The marketing professional of the future will know how to stand out! With a saturated market, differentiation is key. Marketers need to focus on brand awareness campaigns to ensure their company is constantly top-of-mind for potential customers.

AI Revolution: Collaboration, Not Replacement

Will AI replace marketing job? Not at all—instead, what we’ll see with AI is the marketing professional wielding its capabilities to automate tasks. That way, the focus of marketing roles will shift towards decision-making processes, such as strategy and customer experience. Something to note is that the future involves multiple AI solutions, so there won’t be a single dominant player.

Agile Marketing for Tech Adoption

Marketers will need to develop IT-like skills for planning, rolling out, managing, and troubleshooting marketing technologies. Agile marketing practices will be essential to adapt to this changing landscape.

Tech for Good, Not Gridlock

Marketing technology should empower, not hinder business processes. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed The crucial cogs of marketing teams—both the tech managers and the delivery teams—need to be proactive in addressing product updates, glitches, and system failures to keep marketing teams operating smoothly.

Continuous Skills Development

There are substantial learning opportunities at every corner. Online courses, professional communities, or vendor-specific training programs empower marketers to stay ahead of the curve and they should make time to take advantage of these conveniences.

Key aspects to remember

As the marketing field grows more and more complicated, both professionals and business leaders need to have extensive knowledge in several areas: Data management, marketing automation, integrated marketing & sales tactics, and modern project management approaches. 

However, above all these, never forget that prioritizing customer experience and applying fundamental marketing principles are timeless strategies for success.

It’s also important to be aware of globalization’s impact on marketing – after all, many marketing teams these days are remote and have an international makeup. For more on that, check out our summary of the second half of Dan’s appearance on the MarTech Podcast!

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Bonus Tips

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