May 15, 2024

How a Global Partner Marketing Concierge Team Can Drive Channel Revenue

Strong partnerships and relationships have always been one of the most important pillars of successful businesses. A concierge team represents a powerful mix of partner and channel marketing expertise that can fast-track your partners to revenue.
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In the B2B world, a partner marketing concierge team represents a powerful mix of partner and channel marketing expertise that can empower your partners to revenue more quickly. And if the team has the capabilities to connect your partners to global resources, that can take their demand and sales pipelines to the next level.

But what should you look for in a partner marketing concierge team? It doesn’t have to be complicated! Let’s buckle up and check out what an excellent concierge team can do for your B2B business!

The criteria for partner marketing concierge excellence

First things first—Any good concierge service must be flexible; they should act like a natural extension of your partners’ marketing teams. This flexibility extends to working with the direction your business is going, such as supporting any go-to-market (GTM) strategy set up by your company’s higher management. 

Further, by promoting products and/or services through various distribution channels, concierge teams can help your partners reach target customers and achieve shared business goals. This means that a competent concierge team must be staffed by B2B marketing experts.

This kind of expertise should be able to cover:

  • Onboarding and enabling partners
  • Making the most out of our partners’ PRM and TCMA
  • Providing training to other teams whenever necessary

(All of which is performed by Macro, by the way! Check out what we offer through our partner enablement services.)

To cut to the chase, there are many areas where a global marketing concierge team can help, from joint-campaign strategies and MDF funding utilization to building meaningful relationships with key partners, but let’s break things down by marketing strategies.

5 partner marketing strategies a concierge team will help implement

  1. Building and running a marketing campaign requires a wide range of blended skills, from creativity to analytical expertise and from qualitative and quantitative research to mastering the art of concise, impactful communication. And this is just the groundwork that a great partner marketing team does.
  1. Ensuring a profitable investment in Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platforms. Working with PRM platforms such as ZiftONE or Zinfi, Macro can handle all the implementation processes, from planning and executing multi-channel communication activities to monitoring, adapting and improving user experience and portal navigation.
  1. Safeguarding the partners’ shared goals. Be it brand awareness, driving sales, expanding market reach, or entering new market segments. It’s worth mentioning that business owners and leaders should carefully consider this part of their marketing strategy since getting in-region experts to handle complex operations backed by the latest best practices and stats is paramount.
  1. Enabling audience expansion. A competent concierge team is also able to advise, plan, and implement a broader audience reach, so that your partners can attract new customers and increase brand visibility.
  1. Handling measurement, tracking & planning further steps. Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as leads generated, conversions, website traffic, and ROI are not only monitored to assess the success of the partnership, but they should also serve as a cornerstone to future success.

How to take your partner marketing to the next level

A marketing channel partner’s job is to promote their vendor's products, generate qualified leads, and achieve sustainable growth within the partnership. But to make your business stand out and supercharge your partners’ revenue, you need a bit more than that!  

In our experience, a concierge team—especially a global one—can supercharge all these aspects:

Marketing tools

Mastering marketing automation and CRM technologies is crucial these days. Not only because they don’t come cheap, but also because it’s difficult to align what you need out of yourMarTech stack with your business objectives and strategies.

Deep knowledge and competency

There will be no success without thoroughly understanding the products or services involved and the clients’ needs, challenges and opportunities.

Target audience alignment

One of the most important upholders of any business strategy is identifying the ideal customer segment and tailor the marketing efforts to resonate with their specific needs and pain points.


Various marketing channels—such as email, social media, and websites—come with very specific strategies, techniques, and skills. Crafting omnichannel marketing messages might entail complex workflows. However, bringing all these activities together represent only the groundwork for a solid concierge team.

Building strong relationships

An excellent concierge team will always prioritize your partners’ needs and provide excellent customer service throughout all stages. They seek to understand, constantly gather relevant data, and try to anticipate what might go wrong.In other words, they have the fundamental elements of strong relationships with vendor partners, potential customers, and any other industry professionals.

How big is the partner relationship management (PRM) software industry?

The partner relationship management (PRM) software industry has been experiencing significant growth during the last few years and some of the stats are staggering:

  • In 2023, the PRM market revenue totalled US$ 1,302.7 million and it’s projected to reach US$ 4,676.1 million.
  • PRM software currently represents around 8.5% of sales in the total business process management market
  • Approximately 30% of the market share is held by the top 5 vendors.

These are the main verticals:

  • Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) 
  • Retail and franchising
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • IT and telecom

Key takeaways for partner marketing leaders

Modern business leaders are focused on creating innovative solutions to their industry challenges and on finding ingenious ways to set them apart from the competition.

An accomplished marketing concierge team can be the powerful mechanism that turns a vision into success by:

  • Providing strategic advice and execution on technical platforms and on complex marketing campaigns.
  • Acting as a trusted advisor, understanding the target audience’s needs and goals.
  • Offering a holistic approach, handling various marketing aspects like content creation, social media management, campaign analysis and follow-up strategies.

At Macro, we do all of the above, and do it very well. In fact, as an accomplished global partner marketing concierge agency, we’re confident in saying we’re the best choice for global channel marketing teams.

Talk to us now, and see how we can help fasttrack your partners to global success and revenue!

Why Macro?

Macro is a natural extension of your B2B global marketing team. As an agency with team members and resources located around the world, we know exactly what your challenges are and how to tackle them.

Global marketing teams that work with us see the following benefits

✅ Agile resources to operationalize GTM strategy

✅ Faster execution of projects with flexibility

✅ More value from your marketing tech investments

✅ Cost-effective campaigns, better engagement and more qualified leads 

Don’t just take our word for it — check out the case studies of clients who have benefitted from our services.

Bonus Tips

Consider partnering with a B2B marketing agency specializing in your industry that understands the market.  At Macro, our expertise can help you navigate the MarTech landscape and implement solutions that accelerate your growth. 

Business continuity, the acceleration of projects, and the continuity of the lead flow.  That's where companies are often very short-sighted when they let go of marketing departments. You constantly have to keep your messaging out there if you want to grow.

Talk to Macro today, and we’ll help you get your marketing plan going!