April 8, 2024

Don’t Let These 6 Challenges Derail Your Email Campaign

Finding that your email campaigns are not hitting the targets you want? There are many explanations, but fortunately any such problem can be solved when you have a global email operations agency at your side.
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Needing to elevate your email marketing content experience and hit your desired targets? Then you also need a team of marketing, design, and content experts.

Global email marketing teams come to Macro when they need reliable email execution services at a global scale.

We work with email marketing teams around the world, and many come to us struggling to bring together all the pieces of email marketing: 

  • Better email content
  • Engaging design
  • Reliable execution & QA
  • Accurate reporting

Let’s go through some common challenges – and how Macro’s global email operations agency can help.

6 common challenges for B2B email marketing teams

1. Turnover: Addressing gaps left by specialized employees 

It’s normal to expect employees to go on leave from time to time. But how does a crucial employee’s role get handled while they are away? You might only have one or two real email tech experts in your marketing team who know the ins and outs of email marketing. Spreading their responsibilities out among other employees may help somewhat, but no matter how you cut it up, your email marketing campaign won’t be as efficient as it was. 

Whether that turnover is happening due to restructuring or people leaving of their volition, the effect is the same: Losing any experienced specialists will be a blow to productivity and interrupt overall campaign success.

2. Tight deadlines: Lack of time and resources

Email marketing execution teams are often overwhelmed with too many campaigns, too many stakeholder requests, and too many tools to manage. There are never enough people or enough time to execute everything smoothly. 

An in-house marketing team is stretched thin as a result, which increases the chance of burnout among your staff. And what happens when something gets stretched too much? Yeah…let’s avoid that happening at a critical moment in your campaign!

3. Lack of real marketing technology specialization

Let’s also remember that marketing teams are now responsible for many different marketing channels – to focus on just email would be unwise today, after all.

If there is no dedicated email marketing team it’s more likely your marketing team has more generalists than specialists. Sure, many marketing specialists may be able to operate the basics of email marketing and launch a workable, functional email campaign, but do they have the extensive knowledge that is required to make use of everything marketing technologies offer and really make a multi-channel  campaign stand out?

4. Team training: Not getting up to speed quickly enough

When internal stakeholders set a target date for an email campaign, what kind of challenges can threaten that execution calendar? It can be tough for your team to meet milestone dates if there are new team members, they also have to brush up on the evolving email marketing tools and latest updates. 

And of course, the learning curve of getting up to speed using a new platform understandably takes time. But how can you get effective training in place when your team has deadlines to meet and targets to hit?

5. Team members are not in-region 

Many global marketing teams do not have all the right people in the right regions to work closely with the regional stakeholders. This is especially important if your company is looking to scale up globally – how exactly can you scale up effectively? Why not just get an agency who already has global resources in the regions you need and who speak the languages you need? 

6. Lack of process and work management

Keep it simple is simple to remember! And yet, internal marketing teams and operations can get pretty complex. Even for an email campaign, the process of selecting who is responsible for each process step can get complicated quickly.

What’s more, when it comes to the review stage of every campaign, having more people on your team offering their input can be nice, but it will also create critical bottlenecks that slow down the process and can even threaten your campaign launch dates.

So, what’s the solution?

At Macro, we specialize in better large scale email marketing operations with global resources. We embed MarTech and operations experts directly into your team. 

Want more reasons why you should consider Macro to handle your email marketing operations? How about seven of them?

Consider what can make your email operations better:

  • Complement your team: We fill in the gaps in your team, increase your tech knowledge capacity, and can execute your email campaigns quicker.
  • Email marketing specialization: We know which tools are best for the job and we can also train your staff on how to use them.
  • Global resources: We are made up of real specialists, located throughout the world and with knowledge of in-region resources, so working with us is a breeze!

Local resources & global execution 

Through our dedicated resources and tailored services, expand your team with global skills and capacity.

We can help you reach your B2B goals. Book a free consultation with us at any time — after all, we’re stationed around the world!