April 12, 2024

Harmonizing Innovative MarTech Adoption and Go-to-Market Strategies

How do successful businesses choose their marketing technologies? Do experienced leaders pick their MarTech stack or set up their go-to-market strategy first? Let’s hear the answers to these B2B questions from Macro President & Founder Dan Radu.
Marketing Technology

How do successful businesses choose their marketing technologies? What do experienced leaders do first, pick their MarTech stack or set up their go-to-market strategy? How can B2B companies thrive in today’s budget-conscious environment?

Dan Radu, the founder and President of Macro, was happy to share his vast experience in the Striking the Right Balance Between Tech Adoption and Go-to-Market Strategies episode of the B2B Revenue Leaders podcast, hosted by Dustin Tysick.

MarTech challenges and best practices

Companies often struggle to implement go-to-market strategies due both to a lack of resources and a too far-fetched strategy. This is why the planning phase is paramount.

  • It's essential to assess your team's capabilities and available resources to avoid creating an overly ambitious strategy that will be impossible to implement.
  • Additionally, carefully evaluating new technologies before implementation helps steer clear of "tech debt", the burden of maintaining unused or unnecessary features.
  • Beware of the shiny object syndrome! By adopting a more critical eye toward technology acquisitions, companies can build a lean and efficient tech stack that delivers maximum value without breaking the bank.
  • There may be cost-effective alternatives that meet your needs just as well. Having a critical approach helps to avoid vendor lock-in and ensures you're getting the most value out of your marketing technology investment.

Also, remember that technology changes at an astonishing rate.  As such, leaders should thoroughly plan what would happen if they move in too quickly with the new tech. Your team might not be able to adopt it, the costs end up being too great, or perhaps the tech simply doesn’t work for your company’s needs. Finding the right mix can be challenging, but just a reminder – with an agency well versed in MarTech solutions, it doesn’t have to be so tough!

Prioritization and Evaluation in Marketing

A successful marketing team should focus on achievable goals and leverage existing resources before acquiring and implementing new technologies.

Taking a data-driven approach is critical. Regularly evaluate the performance of existing marketing tools to ensure they are still adding value. Don't be afraid to sunset tools that no longer contribute to your marketing objectives.

What is Partner Marketing?

Partnering with other businesses can be a powerful way to expand your reach and credibility. However, effectively managing partner relationships requires dedicated effort

  • The emergence of new marketing automation tools designed specifically for channel marketing can streamline these processes and help businesses strategically leverage their partner networks.
  • Building trust in a budget-conscious environment. As marketing budgets are often tight, companies need to convince buyers that their solutions are a worthwhile investment. 
  • Providing social proof, such as case studies and testimonials, throughout the sales cycle is a crucial strategy for building trust and closing deals.

Growth strategies encompass more and more often channel strategies and driving business through their partners becomes more in focus in the growth of Market strategies.

Many companies that Marco works with are dedicating more resources toward channel marketing strategies and tactics, as they look  to improve their part of relationship management.

Why work with a marketing agency?

As a business becomes more complicated to run, the right agency can be a big plus in terms of RevOps (revenue operations), the B2B function which brings together marketing, sales, service, customer success, and finance.

However, before asking for such services, business leaders need to ask themselves the right questions:

  • Do you have the people that could handle that work? 
  • Is it something your team would like to test first before hiring an agency? 
  • Are you able to run a test with certain business units or product lines?
  • Is there something that you can apply for both prospects and /  or existing customers?

Nevertheless, an ideal operations agency will have its team well-positioned to work with you around the world, and flexible enough to address both managing the day-to-day needs of your business and supporting your go-to-market goals.

  • Partnering with Macro gives your company access to a wider range of expertise than you might have in-house. 
  • This can be especially helpful for companies that lack the resources to build a full RevOps team, which typically encompasses sales operations, marketing operations, and customer success. 
  • An agency can also supplement your team's skillset with specialists in areas like marketing automation, sales enablement, or data analytics.

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