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Three Ways We’ll Boost Your Webinar Programs

Registration & Management

Mastery of the digital event, whether it’s a short webinar or a multi-day virtual conference, is only going to increase in value. As online events have become a norm in everyday business life, it’s important to stand out and hire the right team to support your success!

Macro is here to help build these skills among your team, act as a full-scope service provider if webinars are not in your wheelhouse, or anything in between. Our approach is highly flexible by design.

Beginning-to-End Webinar Communications

Promoting the webinar both before and after the event can extend its value and success by orders of magnitude!

Such strategies can include: Registration pages and email templates that increase RSVPs while building overall brand equity, pre-event campaigns that build anticipation and excitement, and post-event campaigns that are leveraged to create value long after the event is done.

Webinar Program Reporting

Move beyond the basics! Macro can help strategize and execute advanced webinar or online event tactics such as feedback collection and analysis, intra-event communication, and breakouts and creative interactions.

Not to mention we can help with full campaign integration and tracking, so your webinars can connect seamlessly to your wider campaigns and initiatives!In our high-touch approach, we’ll add more comprehensive support for joint marketing planning and lead generation activities.

Run Virtual Events Without Frustration

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